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Beach Volleyball Summer Program

Summer Program will run 8 weeks of summer and may be purchased one week at a time or a month at a time for a 20% savings!  The program will run throughout the months of June and July and is located at Fleischmann Park . The program is designed for juniors from 8 to 18 years of age and both girls and boys are welcome.  We have two primary levels of training - Elite and Futures modeled after the World Tour.


Elite Schedule:

Tuesday 8-11 am - Beach Volleyball training, skills, drills, and play.

Wednesday 8-11 am - Beach Volleyball training skills, drills and play.

Thursday 8-11 am - Training, plus mini-tournaments and pickup play.

Futures Schedule:

Tuesday 8-10am - Beach Volleyball training skills, drills, and play.

Wednesday 8-10 am - Beach Volleyball training skills, drills and play.

Thursday 8-10 am - Training, plus mini-tournaments and pickup play.

Included in Our Programs

NBV Custom Jersey - Star Apparel famous for supplying the FIVB World Tour created our one of a kind custom Beach Volleyball Jerseys.

Wilson Beach Volleyball Bag - Elite and Futures players will receive an official AVP Wilson beach volleyball bag with one month commitment. 

AVP Optix Beach Volleyball - Elite and Futures players will receive an official AVP Optix beach volleyball with one month commitment.

Video Analysis - The latest video analysis software included shared directly with players and parents. - This is focused primarily on the Elite level players.

Nutrition - Written advice for parents and athletes by Sofie Praesthus, B.S. Nutrition, Atlantic Medical Zoom consultations available upon request.

Sports psychology - A champions mindset with daily tips, drills, challenges and skills.

Discounts Available to All Players

Rehab & Recovery - We partner with Dr. Bergtold offers 50% off recovery treatments such as Normatech compression, red light therapy, pulse EMF at his facility upon appointment.

Strength and Conditioning - We partner with Athletic Republic to offers highly discounted rates on essential strength and conditioning classes at their facility.  To learn more visit Athletic Republic's website.

Players Learn

1.  Passing and Serve Reception:

Passing and Serve Reception: Fundamental Techniques for Passing and Handling Free Balls

Passing and Serve Reception: Strategies for Quick Reactions and Full Commitment

Passing and Serve Reception: Dealing with Float Serves (Flat, Short, Deep)

Passing and Serve Reception: Handling High-Speed Top Spin Serves

Passing and Serve Reception: Focus on Absorption and Precision with Small Balls

2.  Defense

Defense: Essential Defensive Positions, Hand Placement, and Body Posture

Defense: Techniques for Digging Low, Fast Balls (Direct, Away from Body, Collapsing)

Defense: Techniques for Digging High, Fast Balls (Direct, Away from Body)

Defense: Handling Emergency Situations

Defense: Improving Eye Work, Anticipation, and Defensive Reads

Defense: Footwork, Core Stability, and Body Control for Chase Digs

Defense: Advanced Techniques like Diving Digs and Single-Arm Layouts

Defense: Tactics such as Baiting, Switching, and Strategic Play

3.  Setting

Setting: Basic Bump Setting in System (Front and Back)

Setting: Transitioning and Setting on the Move

Setting: In-System Hand Setting (Front and Back)

Setting: Adjusting for Wind and Small Ball Situations

Setting: Executing Spread and Fast Offenses

4.  Attacking

Attacking: Mastering Swing Mechanics for Power, Cross-Body Shots, Wrist Shots, and Controlled Power

Attacking: Perfecting Timing, Footwork, and Arm Movements

Attacking: Understanding In-System Spacing and Offensive Strategies

Attacking: Adapting to Out-of-System Plays and Transitioning Offenses

Attacking: Utilizing Placement and Various Shot Options

Attacking: Implementing Tactical Pokie Offenses

Attacking: Enhancing Vision, Decision Making, and Strategic Approaches

Attacking: Developing Range and Versatility, including Attacks from Off the Net

Attacking: Varying Swing Speeds for Different Situations

Attacking: Utilizing Quick Attacks (On 2) Effectively

5.  Blocking and Peeling

Blocking and Peeling: Analyzing Sets for Block or Peel Decisions, Positioning, and Lineups

Blocking and Peeling: Techniques for Effective Blocking, Hand Placement, and Pressing

Blocking and Peeling: Strategies like Squatting, Dropping, and Quick Adjustments

Blocking and Peeling: Incorporating Dives and Defensive Moves

Blocking and Peeling: Utilizing Swatting and Delayed Blocking Tactics

Blocking and Peeling: Maintaining Defensive Structure and Pursuit

6.  Serving

Serving: Mastery of Standing Flat Float Serves (Flat, Short, High-Arc)

Serving: Execution of Jump Float Serves

Serving: Utilizing Jump Spike Serves

Serving: Understanding Hybrid Serving Techniques

We like to establish each player's individual level through a series of basic skills test.  The tests advance throughout our program in the level of difficulty and complexity.  Our goal is to find out where our players are now, then set realistic goals given their training time available in order to measure their progress.  Additionally this helps the player's understand their own strengths and weaknesses for focused training.

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Advanced Player

"Thanks for the great practice today!  I have a long way to go, but I would be nowhere close to where I am right now without your help!  Thanks!!!"

Ted D

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