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Beach Volleyball Defense
Recommended Videos

We have curated several videos from amazing beach volleyball coaches from around the world just for you. 


The McKibbin brothers have put together a concise video on some keys to beach volleyball defense.  Beach Volleyball defense 101 - what the defender does behind a block to include the advanced level pro techniques!


Mark Burik and Brandon Joyner together  run Better at Beach a fantastic resource of amazing tips from AVP pros.   They demystify hand signals and take the guess work out of playing behind a block.  Additionally they have the 7 deadly sins of beach volleyball defense - check it out! We highly recommend their online program that has access to hundreds of videos and other resources.


Finally we have Alex Haapamäki who will give you the strategy of playing defense given various scenarios.  His thought process is a great leap ahead in how to think about defense.

We are ready to take your game up a notch and by dedicating some time to watch these videos you will definitely get much much more from our instruction.  Good luck and enjoy!

Naples Beach Volleyball.

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