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AVP Tournaments

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Naples Beach Volleyball is an AVP promoter and we intend to host AVP adult and juniors tournaments in 2024!  Earn AVP points, standing, prizes, and money right here in Naples.  Sign up to our email list to get the latest on tournament schedules.

AVP Juniors Tournaments Coming Soon
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AVP Requirements
AVP Membership Requirements:
  • Bronze: All junior athletes that do not compete in tournaments, but participate in an AVP America affiliated junior club

  • Silver: All junior athletes that compete in local AVP America affiliated events 

  • Gold: All junior athletes that compete at AVP Juniors 4-star events

  • Players can upgrade their membership at any time throughout the year. 


Parent/Guardian Membership:


The AVP membership system requires a parent account in order to manage or create a youth membership (member under the age of 18).


  • Parents/Guardians are required to create a Basic/Parent (free) Membership in order to manage/create a membership for a minor

    • Membership can be created here

  • Once a parent/guardian has created their free membership, they can link the child’s membership to their account

  • Instructions can be found here

AVP Tournament Rules

1.  Registration is not confirmed until payment is made. If you are not paid you are not registered!   Deadline is Friday at 12pm (noon) for all events. 


​2. Refunds are only available up until your registration deadline. Friday at 12pm noon. If you need to cancel/refund you must email us. All other forms of communication are not accepted.

3. All adult players require an active Silver AVP membership. $25/player. All memberships are valid for 365 days from date of purchase. Membership fees will be used to fund $70,000+ Grand Prix for sand, grass & juniors, National Ranking System, National Championships and insurance coverage.

4. Juniors divisions must have an active AVP America membership. USAV membership is encouraged but not required. This will allow juniors to receive bids for both AVP & USAV for most  events. USAV also requires all staff be background checked and Safe Sport Certified. We can only award bids if EVERYONE in your division has the memberships.


 5. Junior Bid requirements AVP: 5 team minimum 1st & 2nd get bids in the OPEN division and Gold brackets. USAV America Division Bid: 3 team minimum with 1st, 2nd & 3rd receiving bids in Open division and Gold brackets. 


​​Check In/Late Policy: 


1. Check-in is from 7:30am-8:00am the day of the tournament with play starting at 8:30am. 


2. If you are running late please call during your check in window (239-946-2255). If you have not contacted us by at least 15 minutes before start of first games you will be dropped from the tournament. You will not be refunded. If you are late you are subject to point penalties: For your first game you will lose 1 point per minute late. After initial games after the ref has called for the game to start the same penalties will go into effect: 1 point loss per minute. It is the refs responsibility to enforce penalties. 

3. ​Please check ranking and your teams points for accuracy the day before the event when pools are posted on the tournament site. Once the tournament has started everything is locked in and there will be no changes. Changes must be submitted by 10am on Friday prior to the tournament. 


​4. Bring your reusable water bottle. Paradise Coast Sports Complex provides clean filtered water for all competitors and spectators.

5.  The Cove Bar and Grill opens at 10:30 am and serves food, beverages, and an assortment of sports drinks are available at the complex.


​Ball & Tournament Play:


1. We follow the FIVB rules for ball play.


​2. We follow AVP rules for tournament play: AVP Coaching Rules, AVP Rule Book.


​3. For Juniors  you are allowed to have two tosses for the serve.  After your second toss if you do not serve the ball you lose your serve.

4.Teams will generally be required to warm-up while waiting on the previous game to finish. If a team is not ready after 5 minutes point deductions will start for that team at 1 point per minute up until 21 minutes has passed, then it is considered a forfeit. 

5. Tournament Directors have the full right to change the event or play during the event. 

6. Players are responsible for reporting their scores into bracketpal after each match in pool play & playoffs. Make sure you have a bracketpal account under the same email you signed up with. 

7. If you lose in playoffs you must stay and ref the next playoff game. 

8. All Juniors make it out of pool play into playoffs.

9. Coaching Rules: Coaches must check-in. Coaches can couch when the ball is dead. They must be on the same side of their players with in 5ft of the line. They cannot delay the game or interfere with calls.

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