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Fall Programs Rolling Enrollment

Get your child ready for an unforgettable fall with our Junior Fall Programs. We're offering volleyball training for boys and girls of all ages in Collier county, with sessions running from October into December.  We have rolling enrollment so you can sign up anytime.

There are two levels based upon age and skill level.  Younger more skilled players can always try out for the next higher level.

Collier County:  Paradise Sports Complex Fridays from 5pm to 6:30 followed by pickup play.

Youth Programs can Include

Our comprehensive volleyball programs can include up to the following:

- Expert coaching from head coach James Fellows.
- Video analysis shared directly with players and parents.
- Nutrition advice from a qualified nutritionist, Sofie Praesthus, B.S. Nutrition, Atlantic Medical.
- Stretch sessions led by mobility specialist Cristian Parra, founder of Crisp Recover.
- Access to state-of-the-art recovery protocols, such as Normatec compression suits, cryo chambers, red light therapy, and pulsed electromagnetic frequency, at a highly discounted price.
- Daily sports psychology tips, drills, challenges, and skills to develop a champion's mindset.
- Uniforms included when you sign up for one month or more.
- *Tournament coaching for travel team players is $50 per player per day in Dig the Beach, SSOVA, AVP Next, Showcases (transportation, lodging, and tournament fees not included). 


Don't wait, join our program today and take your volleyball skills to the next level!

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Advanced Player

"Thanks for the great practice today!  I have a long way to go, but I would be nowhere close to where I am right now without your help!  Thanks!!!"

Ted D

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