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Beach Volleyball Setting
Setting - Great Beach Volleyball Videos

Check out our hand-picked selection of videos from top beach volleyball coaches around the world!

First up, Mark Burik and Brandon Joyner from Better at Beach provide valuable tips on setting with great mental images - a must-watch! And if you want access to hundreds of their other videos and resources, we highly recommend their online program.

Next, AVP legend Casey Patterson shares his TOP 5 tips for hand setting, making it easier for you to master this crucial skill.

The McKibbin brothers offer their own excellent video on becoming a better hand setter in under 5 minutes, and they are always producing quality content worth subscribing to.


Finally, Alex Haapamäki breaks down the hand setting skill into its components in his 7-part series, making it accessible for anyone to learn.


With our handpicked selection, you can take your game to the next level! So why wait? Start watching now and enjoy the benefits of these expert tips and techniques.

Naples Beach Volleyball Academy.

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