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Beach Volleyball is Our Way of Life

At our core, we are passionate about beach volleyball and dedicated to growing the sport. We want to instill that same love and passion in the next generation of players. Beach volleyball is more than just a game to us, it's a way of life. We are committed to sharing our passion with young players and helping them develop into the best players they can be. Join our program today and experience the joy and excitement of beach volleyball for yourself!

We are all player / coaches giving us a unique insight into the sport and enabling us to provide players with realistic exercises, drills, and scenarios for training.  We are always trying to improve and better ourselves, our players, and our coaching techniques.  We use a collaborative methodology working with each player as an individual to craft a unique training experience designed to get the most out of our time  working together.

James Fellows AVP beach volleyball
Steven Stacy

Steve Stacy is a lifetime beach volleyball player who has dedicated his career to the sport. With numerous Open tournament wins in New England and international coaching and reffing experience since 2009, Steve is a proven leader in the beach volleyball community. After 35 years of service in the US Navy, he retired and relocated to Naples, Florida, where he co-founded the Naples Beach Volleyball Academy. Steve's passion for the sport and commitment to coaching has helped countless athletes reach their full potential on the sand. With Steve as your coach, you can trust that you are receiving top-tier instruction from a true expert in the game.

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James Fellows

James Fellows was an AVP player in the 90's known primarily for his serves.  He averaged more aces per game then any other player on the tour for a year.  Additionally he finished 9th ten times on the AVP earning him a respectable $78,000.  James lives and coaches in Naples Florida and although he no longer coaches for NBV we will send any inquiries directly to him.  

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Sofie Praesthus

As a trained nutritionist and beach volleyball player, Sofie is the perfect combination of athletic expertise and dietary knowledge. Her social media skills help us showcase the sport in all its glory. Sofie's consulting on nutrition is essential for anyone looking to perform at their best on the beach.

Jerry Grahm beach volleyball player
Jerry Grahm

Jerry, a 12-year AVP veteran, is an expert in fitness and nutrition coaching. He brings a wealth of experience from playing on the tour to all of his training sessions. Recently, Jerry led Michigan's number one club team to a national championship, showcasing his coaching prowess.  Jerry is a guest coach for NBVA.

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