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Recommended Beach Volleyball Videos

We have curated several videos from amazing beach volleyball coaches from around the world just for you.  Starting with Mark Burik and Brandon Joyner together they run Better at Beach a fantastic resource of amazing tips from AVP pros. We highly recommend their online program that has access to hundreds of videos and other resources.


Next we have Holly McPeak a three time Olympian and Olympic Bronze Medal winner with 72 professional victories on the AVP and FIVB - she has some amazing tips and explains the basics very well. 


Then we have the ever entertaining and knowledgeable McKibbin brothers with guest speakers such as Taylor Crabb - they have a 4 part series on passing that is a must watch! 


And lastly we have Alex Haapamäki who has unique insights on the game and breaks down defensive footwork extremely well.  When you watch his videos make sure you click the read more as he links to many other videos to illustrate his points.

We are ready to take your game up a notch and by dedicating some time to watch these videos you will definitely get much much more from our instruction.  Good luck and enjoy!

Naples Beach Volleyball.

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